ERP4SSI is a Business management and record keeping app which can be used by the team in any business having functions of Sales, Purchase, Production ,Daily Expense, Quality Control, Supplier Management , Customer Management, Customer Payments, Supplier Payments, and Employee Management.


  • Sales

    Sales Invoice can be created from the app Itself and emailed for printing . Invoice Includes all type of GST taxes

  • Purchase

    All the purchase can be recorded with purchase Invoice details including Invoice number, amount, goods/services, hsn code, gst , etc

  • Daily Expense

    All the daily expenses can be recorded, expenses can be recorded by multiple user to get the accurate and intime data.

  • Production

    The daily production of different types of products can be recorded which will create the inventory of the products

  • Quality Control

    In this module the results of various quality control parameters for different products can be recorded so that we get quality information of our product anytime anywhere.

  • Employee Salary

    Employee payments Include Salary , Advance and Overtime which can be recorded by any authorised person through app.

  • Payments

    This module Includes payments received from the customer as well as payment done to the suppliers.

  • Reports

    In this module we get various types of reports for all the above data recorded so that we can get exact status of Information required any time. The reports can be downloaded and exported to email and it can be easily used by accountants and CA to assess the business.